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In-case you have not noticed there is a natural epidemic going on lol. Black girls are finally embracing their natural curlies! :) Personally perms really annoyed me like I was the girl who always had overgrown new growth haha!.  By the spring semester of my sophomore year I was done with it.

So I've been transitioning for about 6 months now. It definitely has its perks from fierce edgy hair styles.

 (like you haven't noticed I'm a HUGE fan of faux hawks haha)

  But when transitioning the permed part really takes a toll on the natural since they need different treatments. My source of inspiration and advisors ; College Curlies and The Moptop Maven
College curlies has the more "realistic" natural hair and gives advice on how to care for your curlies; from protective styling, how to keep it moisturized to what works and what doesn't.
The Mopton Maven has that mane that keeps you drooling.  Its like the hair you WANT to have but probably never will lol ...(well depends on what hair texture you have)  but they are both amazing and a great source of help.
I'm still transitioning and I'll be ready to cut off all the perm soon but till then if you have any advice or suggestion on how to treat my curlies please please don't hesitate to share. I love hearing from you!!


  1. omg!!! i haven't been in here in such a long time!! you're looking so cool with your hair!! i wish i can do that with mine too! :D

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  2. well with a lot of teasing and gel/mousse you could too lol

  3. gorgeous hair, i love it!


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