Best Friends Forever
So every-now-and-then, I bring up my ex-boyfriend not because I'm not over him but because I've learned so much from that ..."relationship" and it thought me and continues to teach me so much about myself that I sort of like to acknowledge it sometimes lol. 

No this post isn't about my ex though (insert record scratching sound)

Yup this was about the other guy.  The one I told all my secrets to, I never kiss and tell but with him I squeals all the juicy details that no one else knows, very few people ever see me cry but he was probably the first to feel my heart break, learn about my worries, he knew all my future plans and the pacts we made together. He was my best friend.  (I don't really throw around that word too often because I trust very few with my deepest emotions.)  Till his woman decided she wasn't comfortable with our friendship (did I mention we were friends before they started dating?) so he "dumped" me ....what better timing than when my ex had just dumped me too ....yup way to go guy, kick me when I'm down #smh.  Well now hes back, after 3 years of total separation and no crossing paths he finally texted me on thanksgiving and we've been talking since. Somewhat almost like we didn't miss three years of each other's lives.  Except one two things are different 1. He claims single now 2. I am very hesitant about letting him in my life.

Why? because I fear that I will allow myself to accidentally trust him the way I did and he is going to kick me when I'm down again.

Have you ever experienced anything like this with a friend or a partner?  What did you do?   Do you trust people easily?


  1. so cute !

  2. Yes I have experienced something like this. There was this girl that I had known since highschool that I was madly in love with. We never got together but always knew there was something there. Well, her bf(s) was not comfortable with our relationship and put his (their) foot down and I eventually got the boot. I believe that once is okay, but more than that, you need to move on. Love them from a distance.

  3. @Olga, LADYPLAY and a boy from another planet; Thank You.

    @Ninjagaiden78 I know I don't think I'll ever stop caring about him but I'm definitely keeping him at arms length.


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