Vince Camuto Boots

One of the amazing presents I'm grateful for receiving this Christmas; 
My Vince Camuto boots.

I didn't edit it because I wanted you to really see the color [sorry for the awkward lighting]

Side details

She is much taller than Vera : ) and much more subtle details which I LOVE.
I think its much less edgy as well.

The details on Vera {more on her here}

Packaging. If you didn't know already I'm all about packaging and I will even pay extra for it (if its worth it). The color combination reminds of my iphone case lol =]


  1. OMG. Such. Amazing. Shoes. Love them!!!!!!


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  3. waow looks good!:) PS. Christmas is over, but I still want to give you a present.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

  4. Really like it!!

    I wish you a gorgeous HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully 2012 turns out to be YOUR Year!! :)

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  5. gorgeous <3

    X the cookies
    have a visit

  6. love it!!!

  7. great shoes!!! nice blog :)


  8. I just found your blog. These boots are so cute, I love this brand, I wanted to get the brown and black leather ones. The box you got them in is so cute too, following you now


  9. Very nice boots! Wear it in good days! Loved them! Wanna follow each other?? Check my blog too, I'm sure you'll like it.. Waiting for you!! :)


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