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Its almost school time again and so its time for back to school shopping. 
I wore this dress that I ordered from ASOS sometime ago but I never wore it. 
Accentuated it with a belt from an H & M dress. 

Dress - ASOS |  Belt - H & M | Shoes - Bakers <3 br="br">

I have to admit, it seems like everyone I know is super excited to go back but I'm honestly just really over it all I am!I just want to go to school get my work done and move out! The only part I enjoy is the whole being away from home thing because I'm at liberty to do whatever I want. Not saying that I'm a wild child but just the idea of being able to step out when I want without having to go through interrogations smh.

Lack of post is due to stress. A lot of decisions to be made on limited time and funds =  NO FUN! ...Any job offers out there? ..I promise I'm a really hard worker!


  1. love the shoes!!!you look great!

  2. Nice cute outfit! It looks perfect on you.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. you look so cute, great post love! following you now! i have a new post up if you'd like to take a look, thanks.

  4. Ohhh this is fantastic,honey!;)

  5. first, you look cute. Second, please dont stress it, things always have a way of working themselves out.


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