GIFT GUIDE - For the Beauty lover.

Cyber Monday is the perfect follow-up for anti social shoppers like myself.
To simply put it, it is Black Friday deals on various if not ALL websites.
Since the giving season is coming up. Don't wait till the last minute to go looking for a gift for that company holiday party, pot-o-luck or even secret santa party. 

To kick off the list, here are some cute stocking stuffer ideas for the beauty lover on your list.

1. NAIL POLISH - I know I've never known anyone into beauty who didn't love getting new polish. 
MY SUGGESTION: go to Walmart or CVS.  The Maybelline like has super cute colors and it very affordable so you can get more than one.  Urban Outfitters and GAP also have colors no one would hate! Read this post for more options.
SEPHORA'S SUGGESTION: Illamasqua nail varnish. FIND HERE


2. MAKEUP SET - When bought as a set, these things can be SUPER costly. I would recommend purchasing a cute bag and they have these EVERYWHERE from Walmart to designer bags in Nordstrom. Either way, this will be the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about the person you are buying the gift for.  If you are buying for a beginner, ELF is the BEST place to start. You get quality without compromising your budget.

3.  MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION - A lot of people don't really read paper magazines anymore, but there are people like myself out there who will always appreciate the glossies over the click and read. If you know someone who buys their magazines off the stands every month, they will LOVE you if you got them a magazine subscription. Obtaining their address for the subscription might be a little tricky but can resort to a few white lies... like sending out Christmas cards or something.


  1. Loving your post!!:D

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. I love love a makeup kit OR a giftcard to buy my own makeup

  3. I love getting magazine subscriptions as gifts because its always the one thing I never buy for myself. Also, makeup is usually my go-to when it comes to gifts, it is just so much easier and less risky than buying clothes or something!

    1. I love magazine subscriptions because you can never go wrong. . . Or maybe I just love any and every magazine lol

  4. Oh yeah I get a lot of my polishes at Walmart or Target, they have a huge selection!


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