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... If there is one thing I've learned from having so many guy friends, it is that (some) guys are really very simple creatures. They tell you what they want and how they feel as is. I vouch for the same when it comes to emotions, then they become even more complicated that girls. Here is a short list of ideas and suggestions for the simple creature in your life. These gifts are appropriate for your father, brother, cousin, boyfriend, mailman..? lol 

A list of places to shop from will be after the photo. Also check out my ASOS Fashion Finder for ideas of clothes for him. (*Be warned, surprise make overs never go well). 

*Tips - *Find out his favorite team for Ts, Hats, even if you buy something with the colors of the team
*He probably needs a new pair/set of something.  It may be cologne, earphones, shoes, jeans ... bring it up in a casual conversation He'll let you know. 
* Most guys don't really worry too much about what they wear, they just want to look presentable. This time of year a lot of sites have gift guides but that only works for guys you aren't really personal with. Look in his closet or watch his style for a week. What does he reach out to the most to wear? 
*Lastly gadgets. No man's Christmas is complete without some cool gadget he can show off to his friends. Not to mention it will score you fave points if his friends get jealous of his new toy. 

Places to start searching:

Still stumped on gift shopping? Drop a message in the comment box below. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Check out my other gift guide for suggestions for ladies;

  2. Definitely a great list! New headphones are definitely on my mister's list! And love that watch!
    xo TJ

  3. Absolutely stunning,honey!Keep rocking;)

  4. really nice :)

  5. Great gift ideas! I think men at times can be just as hard to shop for...or maybe we are just over-thinking it. I think you really did make a good point though. Men half the time don't care what we get them.

    xo, N

  6. fellas are so hard to shop for!! great post, if you get a sec, i'd love to hear what you think of my latest post! x

  7. Looks like it time to shop for my brother!!



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