There is really nothing new about my natural hair, besides my new cut. 
check out my IG for what the before photo :) Love Mavin instagram

Gave myself a trim sometime ago. I think I'll implement this a little more often. I'm also in the process of working on a review for a vitamin that is suppose to promote hair growth so I'm looking forward to sharing that with you guys. 

I think in the Youtube world this post would be considered a mini-haul? lol

Here are a few things I picked up to try out for my mane.
All items are from Marshalls.

- -The Hemp Hydrating Shampoo is actually REALLY amazing! It leaves my hair feeling super soft with very clean feeling scalp.

- - The Sukin shampoo is actually an Australian based product.
It doesn't do much for my scalp. I think it is more effective in trying to get excess products out of my hair. My strands feel squeaky clean after using this.
Great for people who are into using organic and natural things in their hair.

- - The MOA conditioner is also okay, nothing extraordinary. I'm still using the Aveeno conditioner after this though. I'll probably use this conditioner for scalp treatment or something.

This Village Candle scent is absolutely amazing.
I LOVE musky smelling candles. Its not at all feminine. This has a very fresh masculine musk when burnt. I'm almost halfway through the jar because I burn it almost everyday.

I'm not using this as often as I thought I would.  I probably should have tried the refined coconut oil because this one has a very nauseating smell that can be very over powering.  I will be using this for my deep conditioning days as well. It does work really well as a scalp moisturizer though.

The smell I love to hate . . . Smells beautiful after 10 minutes. You have to shake this very vigorously for a while before spraying and even with that the spray immediately masks any scent, but it is so over powering you have to leave it alone for a while.


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All items were purchased by me. Reviews are all my opinion based on my personal experience. 

Thank You for reading and subscribing. 
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  1. I love natural hair even though I could never do it! Great products!

    Come visit my blog!

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  3. Beautiful hair , congratulations :)


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