If you have peaked over at my Youtube channel recently, you may have noticed I'm been going a little crazy over skin care especially around this time of year because of so much skin exposure. That enthusiasm  lead me to try Shea Moisture's new skin care line. 

There are way more  items in the skin care collection but I only wanted to try a few in case it didn't really work out. Initially I had a really hard time selecting my favorite scent and product but overtime I've been able to narrow it down to the following; 

The Shea Moisture African Black Soap with Shea Butter
Claims: For Acne Prone and Troubled Skin ~ This does not leave a greasy or oily residue which I adore especially in the warmer weather.  I has a really bad break out on my forehead and chin from a product I was using a few weeks ago and the black soap cleared it up. It not only shrank the acne it reduced my old acne marks. The palm ash and oats gives the soap a tiny bit of rough texture so I use my hand for application rather than apply directly to my face. But if your skin isn't sensitive then go for it. The Shea smell is very prominent in this but it is tolerable and washes right off with the soapy residue. 
10/10 hearts.

Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub w/ Avocado
Claims: This is anti-aging and ultra moisturizing ~ I can't tell the anti-aging effect just yet but it definitely is very moisturizing. The texture feels like a sugar mix to the touch and I can't think of any words besides amazing to describe the smell. It smells fresh with a touch of citrus.
9/10 hearts.

Shea Moisture Coconut &Hibiscus Foaming Milk & Body Wash
w/ Gluten Free Vitamin E
Claims: Firming and Toning ~ I can see the firming aspect. My skin does gain a 'younger' glow to it after using this. It is super moisturizing, so much that I can opt for lotion after a shower. It is very smooth and a bit thicker than the bath and body works shower gels.  The smell is very spring / summer appropriate.  The hibiscus over powers the smell of the coconut and the beautiful flowering smell lingers many hours after use. 
10/10 hearts.

Over all I would re-purchase these products because I've had such a pleasant experience with them all. I will probably stop by my local Walgreens to try out the various products they have in the different scent categories. 

I would highly recommend purchasing any items you decide to try from their website because it is actually a few dollars cheaper than the re-sellers. (link provided here

** This is not a sponsored post. All items mentioned in this post were purchased with my money. All opinions are my own ** 


  1. ooooo! I was justttt lookin at the black soap at target since i have a coupon for it (i'm a cheap-o lol) but ended up bypassing it because I have so many products I'm tryin to use up! Def going back to get it!

    1. It is very much worth it. I've been using only that on my face lately and I've been loving it so far.


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