REVLON : Quick Dry Base Coat
REVLON: Grey Suede
REVLON: Liquid Quick Dry
Some time ago last year during my many moving phases, I had to create a ban for my self on the absurd amount of nail polish I had collected over the years. 
From high school throughout college I had bought, received gifts as well as  exchanged and traded nail polish. 

With that kind of lifestyle you can only imagine how much I had accumulated over the years. 
 As I've grown older I've found myself reaching less and less for the fun vibrant colors and more 
for neutrals matte and muted colors. The point of the ban was to force myself to use the colors I wasn't reaching for and to allow me to easily sort through and purge those "I have this for fun colors."

To celebrate the end of my ban, I picked up this new my-nails-but-better color from Revlon along with a few add-ons. 

The quick dry base coat did exactly that and the liquid quick dry cut down my drying time to less than 10 - 15 minutes. I also has a very pleasant smell that doesn't smell harsh like the usual nail varnish. 

So far not only has the nail polish stayed on longer than usual but it has managed to maintain the original color with no dullness or chipping. I definitely might have to buy a back up color of this.

Can Be Purchased here:

Hope you enjoyed this. 
Share with me in the comments your favorite staples and where you like to shop for basics! 

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  1. They seem great and the colours are lovely. xo

  2. keep up the good work babe your blog is looking good!!

  3. beautiful colour, might have to buy it now

  4. My favorite type of nudes , it suits you really well :)


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