The topic of beards is not typically popular till #noshavenovember but do you really need to wait till November to discussed your man's manly mane? 

Just as we use cleansers, oils and toners to keep our skin nice and touchable, gents also do the same to keep their face. I decided to put the Smooth Viking Beard Care to a test by sending it out to someone who could really benefit from it. Lionel's 9-5 involves a suit and tie and after work he is a Blue Belt BJJ fighter. Here is what he had to say about the Smooth Viking beard kit. 

"I successfully used the Smooth Viking Beard Kit product over a period of two weeks. Started by cutting my beard as low as possible in order to fully notice it's effect. I applied the oil every night before bed. With time I noticed my beard grew softer and was more manageable the same was noticed by my Barber as well. The conditioner made it more malleable during my morning routine and my beard was kept moisturized even after brutal work out. The only downside was the smell that lingered behind besides I would highly recommend this product to any one looking to ameliorate their facial hair."

Guys are very simple in a sense that either something works or it doesn't. Not only did Lionel notice the difference after two weeks, his barber did as well. Get your guy prepped for #noshavenovember by picking up your kit here

Packaging   Affordable ✓  Effective 

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