The best part of blogging for as long as I have been is watching yourself change. 
When I began blogging, I was solely keeping a digital diary of my entire college experience. Over time, I have added things, removed others and implemented some of my creative ideas into projects that I've shared here. 

I've been working on some projects lately that I have included - here that I am very proud and very fond of. 

Along with a new layout, I've included a few fun new additions to my blog.

The new ADVERTISE section includes banner ads, blogger features and services offered by my blog. 
This section offers advertising and promotional packages for brands and bloggers. 
*Blogger Features* is a section I'm currently working on so stay tuned for that. 

My SHOP is directly linked to eBay where I list items of all sorts. Free shipping on all items
Check it out every week to see what I have listed. 

Lastly my Youtube Channel which has been SOO much fun to work on has now been updated to two uploads per week with Tuesday videos and The Saturday Review on ...Saturdays!! 

Be sure to check out all these new additions and keep up with me on my other social media channels.

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  1. love seeing you grow and blossom :) xx

  2. Happy to see you are growing and doing what you love. Great job!


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