Last week I shared a few beauty tools that I purchased from Sephora. 
Over the weeks I have fallen deeply in love with two of the three items shared. 
(keep scrolling for my review). 

There is not much I have to say about this expect that I will buying a back up very soon. Prior to the sponge textures beauty blender, I used the foam triangles from local drug stores and my makeup application was relatively smoothing with required excessive blending. 

What I LOVE about the beautyblender is that when used wet, the application is even and flawless with very little effort. The rounded -wider- end allows faster and more efficient face application and the pointed end gives a precise  application. 

The beautyblender retails for $19.95 USD at Sephora and at the rate at which I have to clean it, I'm not sure if it is something I will consistently keep purchasing. If you have any recommendations of a similar product with similar results, I am more than open to testing new items. 


One of many setting brushes I own, I can't say that this has made a difference in time or even application of my makeup. It is easily substituted for other setting brushes even of a cheaper brands. 

The original price of this was $26USD but I purchased it on sale for $11 - The verdict is out on whether it was worth that.


Very pleasantly surprised by the quality and how effective this brush was. It was used to buff in my new contouring stick.(video on my first contouring experience coming soon here -be sure to subscribe for weekly videos. xo)
This works great with both cream and powder products. The flat top's soft bristles leaves you with a smooth and flawless finish that I love! 

This retailed for $38USD originally but I purchased this for $19.00 on sale. 

I enjoy trying out new products and these brushes were no exception. I definitely will be swapping out a few brushes for better quality ones in the new future so stay tuned. 

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  1. I think Sephora's own line of beauty products and accessories is so good when compared to others that are often even pricier.
    I'm also a big fan of the beauty-blender,it's so easy to use and really does a great job :)


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