Summer is FULL BLOWN in New York and we had our very first heat wave just a short while ago. 
When the weather gets like this, the best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it moisturized and hydrated because magically, your skin will feel the need to produce more oil to make up for that lack of moisture. 

Brandbacker accurately predicted the upcoming heat wave when they sent me this to try out. The Evian natural mineral water spray moisturizes, refreshes and tones your skin. It comes highly recommended for all skin types. 

For those weary of chemicals and using unnatural products, take a look at the ingredients list!

My first time using this was on freshly washed skin. I simply sprayed my face in a Z formation.
My initial impression was that it was super refreshing and eliminated the greasy feeling on my face for quite sometime. I did eventually get oily again but not as much as I typically would. 

The feeling of it reminded me of the "refreshing" mist at amusement parks that alleviate heat. Imagine how refreshing that feels especially when you have been in the hot sun all day, Imagine that on your face and  body at your convenience. 

It comes in a 5fl oz metal spray can. It comes out the can very misty which I love.

This can be purchased from Ulta and Sephora and comes in a 5fl. oz and 10 fl. oz.  I do wish a smaller size was offered to be more purse friendly. Otherwise my entire experience with this mist has been a very pleasant one.

What do you use to keep yourself cool during the summer?

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