At any stage in life, most people despise the idea of being required to wear a uniform. 
I admit that same outfit day after day can get very monotonous and quite draining. 
Personally, growing up attending a private school during the early years of my education career, I didn't mind the hideous tan shirt and brown skirt / dress. 

Fast forward 19 years later, I have subconsciously kept my wardrobe very simple with basics, a few stripes and the occasional print. It fully embodies my personality without over exerting my personal style with fast fashion.

My kind of style ranges from super casual to .. "why are you so dressed up". 

 I love an all white look as much as the next person and with that comes my ample collection of white Ts.  I can never have too many. EVER.

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Much like my style, I like to keep my jewelry very simple. With a watch, earrings and sometimes a necklace. 

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