The weather is finally starting to cooperate in New York and the double digits are welcoming the exposure of other body parts that haven't seen sun in many days. I am VERY excited to sport my sundresses and bike shorts with flip flops. 

My skin in optimal weather conditions tends to be more oily than combination but because this winter lasted so long, I have been battling excessively dry skin throughout. 

When my skin was younger and more docile, I was on an Aveeno Skin Regimen. (see past posts here and here

As my skin has seen more days, more stress and many sleepless nights, I've had to upgrade to something a little stronger but still gentle on my skin. I've been using Valentia products for a few years now (check out this post here , here, here, and here). I genuinely LOVE the relationship  that I have developed with the brand. Their skin care products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, made with natural and organic ingredients and it's made using sustainable energy. How much earth friendly can we get? The best part is, the products WORK! I am always RAVING about their products on here, my Youtube and Instagram because I believe in the brand. 

This spring they are having the most amazing site-wide sale with 35% off ALL products using the code REFRESH35. Be sure to stock up because I know I will! 

If you had an opportunity to try out any product from their line, what would it be?

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