I stopped perming my hair a few years back when I was in college because it was such an inconvenience and a hassle for me. Back then Naptural85, MahoganyCurls and SunKissAlba were the only Youtubers making natural hair videos so naturally I thought my hair HAD to turn out like theirs. The frustration of not being able to execute their methods and styles properly results in me falling back on the comfort of weaves, wigs and braids. 

Any how at best my natural hair looked like this; here but I also learned how to do crochet that looked like it could be natural hair; here. Over time I grew wearing my hair being so dry and unhealthy I cut it back into a fro for a fresh start! THIS HERE IS A WIG THOUGH! But it looked so natural I had to snatch it! I LOVE being able to be so experimental with my hair and not being emotionally attached at all lol! 

I try to avoid talking about my hair in person and on social media but Influenster sent me this amazing hair care set and I really wanted to scare it with you guys because its made my hair feel so soft and bouncy and my curl definition is just amazing!!! I will be updating on snapchat this weekend when I wash my hair for follow me @love_mavin! 


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