OLEHENRIKSEN Transform Walnut Scrub Review

Living in a climate where the seasons have such a drastic change every few months can and will take a toll on your skin unless properly cared for. It's no secret that I will drop a pretty penny on skincare if I believe in it, so when I come across skin care that works and is relatively affordable, I want to shout it off the mountain tops! 

Recently, stress and the dramatic (New York) weather changed started showing signs of aging and exhaustion on my skin. I knew right away there were two things missing from my skin care regimen that needed to be updated; Exfoliation and more Moisturizer. 

The Olehenriksen Transform Walnut Scrub was the first on my list to try. 

Purchase Price:
$28 everywhere it is sold. 

Product Claims:
Cleanses & purifies pores,
 Diminishes dullness
 Smooths skin's texture for youthful looking skin.

First Impressions:
Scent - Very mild walnut smell but it doesn't linger.
Texture - Very granulated. You can absolutely feel the little ground up walnuts.
Packaging - The squeeze-tube packaging makes it easy for storing and also keep the product at the top making it easy to use. 

Overall Experience:
This is not like any face scrub I've ever experienced. The granules deeply exfoliates the dead skin and the cleanser does a great job of removing any excess on the skin's surface. The Ginseng extract leaves the skin clean, moisturized and very rejuvenated. I would not recommend this for sensitive skin because, it may be too abrasive for the recommended 3 times a week use. I would also recommend maybe once or twice a week maximum for oily skin. While it does leave the skin feeling moisturized, over exfoliating could lead to skin getting even more oily.

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