Your new solution to a healthy, moisturized, toned summer skin!

Purchase Price: $64 at Sephora
Prices range from $30.09 - $64

Product Claims:
- An energizing body oil that helps eliminate toxins and excess water for a streamlined-looking silhouette.
- Shapes and firms the appearance of skin
- Reduces the look of sponginess
- Creates an overall feeling of well-being
- Dermatologist tested, noncomedogenic (doesn't clog your pores) and cruelty-free.

First Impressions: 
- Love the the glass bottle and the fact that you pour out the product. 
- Smells very strong initially when applied but the smells wears off after a while.
- Best used after a shower when you pores are the most open and ready for moisturizing. 
- Works as a great massage oil as well. 

Overall Experience:
This oil checks all the boxes. I'm being honest in saying I didn't set high standards for this oil because it seemed like a "get skinny quick" type of product. From past experiences, Clarins isn't the kind of brand to put out that type of product for this price point. I initially used this on some new stretch marks I got from weight gain and the two week results proved me wrong. I then started using it on my thighs with stretch marks from as long as I can remember and I was almost convinced I was actually loosing weight. My skin definitely appeared healthier, less visible cellulite and the stretch marks did "fade" a little. Now that I know for sure I will be ordering a 2nd bottle, I'm slathering this all over before my workouts, after my shower, morning and night. My only complaint would be medicinal lingering smell. It lingers for about 15-20 minutes based on how much is applied but other wise, I will ABSOLUTELY recommend this oil for a healthier glow while smoothing out your skin from the appears of stretch marks or cellulite. 

(**For reference, my cellulite aren't deep, they appear more on just the surface layer of my skin**)

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