#LILWY Fluffy Shea Butter Cream Review

Since transitioning into my natural hair, I've always been scouting the best, fastest and easiest way to manage my hair while spending as little time as possible on it. 

Needless to say I'm heavily a protective style kind of girl from day 1! 

Over time, I've learned what works best for my hair, sometimes through trial and error.
During the stages of my transition in 2010, I didn't know about hair typing or the LOCmethod but in 2017 I can tell you my 4C (kinky and coily) malnourished hair reacts very well with leave in creamy conditioners and heavy oils like JBCO. 

Recently one of my favorite Youtubers launched a new hair butter that I could not wait to get my hands on. Liv's hair butter contains all natural ingredients like Shea butter, castor, apricot, argan oil, and lavender (she has a video on how she makes this here). If you know anything about natural hair, you know all these ingredients stimulates hair growth and healthier stronger strands. I purchased it because we have similar (looking) hair types and  also because her hair is flourishing so I believe she knows what she is talking about with regards to hair care.